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Salima Ladak-Kachra

At only 25 years of age, Salima sustained four vertebral fractures after slipping and falling on a ceramic floor. "The excruciating pain and emotional distress that I endured is something that I do not want others to go through," says Salima.

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Ms Krishna

Ms Krishna, a former civil servant, sustained her first fracture at the age of 55. Although the shoulder fracture was treated, doctors did not test for osteoporosis. Ms Krishna's life took a dramatic turn four years later, when she fractured her hip after a minor fall.

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Youssef Eid al-Hawamdeh

Youssef considers himself to be a fortunate man. Despite suffering a painful vertebral fracture in a fall at age 55, he has been able to resume his regular daily routine with no long-term impact on his quality of life. "I will never allow osteoporosis to change my life," he says.

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Eva Benedicta Saraiva

Eva was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2005, following a hip fracture. Shortly after, she suffered a spinal fracture which was extremely painful and greatly reduced her mobility for some time. Eva found a specialized clinic where she was diagnosed and able to benefit from treatment.

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Raphael Sidler

Beginning in his twenties, Raphael often experienced a 'snap' in his back, followed by excruciating pain and weeks of immobility. For years, the doctors simply said to rest and prescribed painkillers. In 1997 he was finally tested and diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and spinal fractures.

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Ne'mat Kabbani

A widow, Ne'mat enjoys the loving care of a large close family. Nevertheless, Ne'mat greatly regrets her inability to care for herself or do many of the activities that she used to enjoy in the past. "I had many hobbies and used to sew, knit and embroider, but I cannot do anything any more," she says sadly.

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